G1 Martial Arts

Iron Sharpens Iron


At what ages do you start teaching?

Upon an evaluation we are able to take most children at age four.  We have a great staff that is readily available to work with your child.


How many classed do I have to attend?

We would like for you to attend at least two classes per week in order to rank sufficently.


What if I have attained rank from another organization?  May I keep that rank?

Yes, you may retain your current rank.  However, our curriculum is going to be somewhat different than that of most schools.  So, even though you are able to retain your rank, you will be held to that rank until you acheive the knowledge of our school. 


What should I expect to receive from G1 Martial Arts?

  • Discipline
  • Self Control
  • Positive Attitude
  • Better Conditioning
  • Confidence
  • A Family